American history

From British colonisation to revolution, through expansionism to the Trump administration, learn about US history and politics - its presidents, power shifts and presence in global politics. These history classes and lectures focus on many aspects of America’s rich history and allow you to engage with passionate tutors on a variety of topics prominent in the American story.

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  1. America: history, literature and culture 1900-1930s

    Course Date: Wed 11 Apr 2018
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    This course will be team-taught, bringing together tutors to cover this dynamic period in America's development from historical, literary and cultural perspectives. We start with the historical coverage to provide students with context for exploring the developments in literature, film, art and music that exploded in this modernising of America. Tutors: Dale Mineshima-Lowe, Patricia Sweeney, Nick Scudamore.
    Full fee: £189.00
    Senior fee: £151.00
    Concession: £83.00

  2. The US presidents who made the post-war world

    Course Date: Thu 19 Apr 2018
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    Five American presidents (Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon) shaped the post-war world, both in their own country and beyond. America changed hugely during the thirty years of their presidencies and each of them played an important part in that. In the same way, the Cold War and various conflicts shaped an emergence from historical isolationism to a truly global power. Tutor: Mark Malcomson.
    Full fee: £89.00
    Senior fee: £71.00
    Concession: £39.00

2 Item(s)

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