About us

Training for NHS staff

We are London’s largest provider of adult education. Based in Covent Garden, we welcome over 25,000 Londoners every year across a huge range of subjects.

Unique opportunities

 We have developed unique CPD opportunities offered for the first time to London’s NHS workforce, across the broad areas listed below.

We can also work with individual trusts to develop bespoke and innovative training to meet emerging demand, utilising the wealth of skills and experience of our 1,000-strong teaching team.

For more information and to book please contact:

Rachel Everard on 020 7492 2579 | rachel.everard@citylit.ac.uk


Subject areas:

Transferable skills and knowledge (skills to help you be more effective in your job)

Gain the confidence to progress, with courses such as managing challenging behaviour, project management, and managing challenging conversations. 

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Mindfulness, stress-reduction and wellbeing

Look after your own wellbeing to stay happy and healthy in the workplace.  Explore approaches to using that knowledge to help your patients.

Supporting better patient care

Supporting patient care
Courses to help you support your patients more effectively, including counselling skills, mental health awareness and dementia care.

Communication and deaf awareness

Deaf and hard of hearing students
One in six of the population  - and nearly three quarters of people over 70 -  have hearing loss, and a further 1 in 20 have other difficulties with speaking, listening and understanding. Ensure you have the communication skills to support those groups effectively.