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Why Learn To Craft? 10 Reasons To Join A Craft Course Today

6 April 2022
Posted in: Art & Design
  1. You'll learn something new

Craft is a cool way to challenge yourself to learn something new in a warm, friendly and inspiring environment. Being surrounded by like-minded folks who have chosen to be present can make a hell of a difference on your journey.

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  1. Settle your mind body in the moment

It is a physical form of meditation that works! One has to present with your mind and body as you learn new techniques and use new tools & machinery on your craft journey, that union of your mind and body connected can help calm and comfort the mind. Learning a craft is active escapism for a couple of hours a week where you need to be present and paying attention to the tasks at hand.

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  1. The sense of achievement you feel when you finish your work

I always loved the start of a new when I taught because the newbies could not believe that they were going to make a hat.  My returning students knew better but did not say anything to dissuade their thinking because they wanted them to experience the same joy they felt when they completed their first piece. Those endorphins wake up with such a fizz that they demand you make more!

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  1. You'll discover a beautiful sense of community

Joining a craft course can be a lovely way to be more social. We may have to social distance but there is something powerful in surrounding oneself with people supporting each other to achieve the same thing.

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  1. Awaken your inner creative

As humans, we are all creative but life, and work drudgery can often stifle and have us convinced that we have no imagination. However, it is simply not true; it is about reconnecting with that spark that has been numb for years. Trying taster days, short courses and weekend workshops can be an accessible way to try different crafts to discover the one that excites you!

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  1. You can make a unique and person gift

On completing a craft course a City Lit, you get to keep whatever you make. So if you wanted, you could make a gift for someone close yout. A gift that is special, personal, and unique. From then on, you can go on to make more items for yourself and others whilst continuing to reap the benefits of crafting.

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  1. Destress from your everyday life

Signing up for a craft course that has nothing to do with your career can be an avenue in which you can decompress and relieve some of the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

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  1. You could discover your game changer

So many of us settle for just getting by, just covering costs. A craft course could reawaken your passion and demonstrate new possibilities for your life. It always brings pure joy to my heart when my students start a new career after experiencing our courses and succeeding at their new craft.

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  1. It's the antidote to instant gratification

Learning a new craft can teach patience and perseverance. It is a whole world away from the instant gratification that social media constantly throws in our faces.

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  1. Learning a craft is good for your brain

As well learning the craft itself, there are cognitive and mental health benefits to learning a craft. You can develop improved hand-eye coordination and improved memory retention by learning a craft. Studies reported by the Crafts Council UK also indicate possible positive links between craft and the cognitive skills of stroke and dementia patients.

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Pascale Colonna

Pascale is passionate about learning and teaching, both in face-to-face and online formats. She has taught various age groups and subjects over the years but enjoys working with adults most, and still finds teaching her mother tongue challenging and full of surprises. She particularly enjoys the feeling of wellbeing which emanates from a happy class, and when students spontaneously help each other: that's when she knows they are on the right path. Pascale holds an MA in English and is a trained French tutor for adults. She also has an Online Tutoring qualification and has worked as a Learning Technologist.