2023 City Lit Fellows

2023 City Lit Fellows

15 May 2023
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A multi-award-winning cultural and social historian; a world renowned ceramic artist; and a British-American foreign affairs specialist. 

This year we welcome three more wonderfully talented and highly committed Fellows: 
Bettany Hughes OBE, Dame Magdalene Odundo and Dr Fiona Hill. 

Bettany Hughes OBE

Bettany Hughes OBE, English historian, author and broadcaster has made a huge contribution to the study of ancient and medieval history and culture. Bettany has made the world of classics popular, understandable, and accessible.  We were delighted to welcome Bettany as a keynote speaker at Classics Week 2022 at the British Museum.

Dame Magdalene Odundo

Dame Magdalene Odundo, world renowned ceramic artist has made a huge contribution to the arts in the UK.  Magdalene has a strong connection to our School of Visual Arts and as Chancellor of the University for the Creative Arts, understands the importance of arts education and the importance of the arts for individuals, society and the economy.

Dr Fiona Hill

Dr Fiona Hill, British-American foreign affairs specialist & author is a former advisor to the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations. She is a champion of access to education and often talks about the opportunities she was given to study, as the daughter of a miner. As the new Chancellor of the University of Durham, she understands the importance of education, and the opportunities it can create.

City Lit Fellows

The City Lit Fellowship Programme acknowledges those extraordinary individuals who, throughout their careers, have been pioneers who have challenged convention and demonstrated a conviction to improve lives, and the quality of life, through the opportunity and experience of learning.  

City Lit Fellowships were established by the Board of Governors in 2015. City Lit Fellowships are awarded to individuals who have shown a significant commitment to adult education in the United Kingdom and who have provided support and inspiration to City Lit and our students.