Choosing a dance class at City Lit

Choosing a dance class at City Lit

11 October 2021
Posted in: Performing Arts

Welcome to City Lit’s Dance Programme

We offer adult dance classes in many styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap dance, Body Conditioning, Swing and African based; in all levels from absolute beginner to advanced.

We offer the ultimate dance experience blending fun with high quality dance instruction. Small class sizes provide personal attention - whether you are a looking for a new hobby, taking your skills to the next level or returning to dance after a long break.

Our teaching staff are fully committed to your development and training. Our teachers work professionally in various aspects of the industry and bring their expertise and knowledge into the studio. You can read staff biographies on the individual course outlines.

Learn in our modern dance studios

Our bright and welcoming dance studios located in the heart of Covent Garden are equipped with :

  • air-conditioners,
  • sound systems,
  • mirrors, and
  • professional sprung flooring.

Dance level guide

We have a programme of adult dance classes suitable for all levels of experience which are also an inspiring way to stay healthy and fit as well as to develop strength, flexibility and coordination. 

Before choosing, please read the course outlines carefully and keep in mind the following to help you decide which is the most appropriate level of course for you. 

Remember that levels are just an indication since individual dancers will vary in how comfortable they are being challenged and/or how quickly they might pick up a new movement.

Top Tips for beginners

For absolute beginners we recommend our Dance Tasters as a fun way to sample different dance styles and to discover what is right for you. We offer taster from time to time in:

  • Classical ballet
  • Tap dance
  • Flamenco
  • Contemporary dance
  • Charleston
  • Music theatre dance

Dance level Key

Beginners - Designed for the complete beginner, this level offers an introduction to basic steps and terminology.

General - This is a mixed level class suitable for beginners, as well as for those with some dance experience. You may have already completed a beginners course and be ready to move up, or perhaps you are coming back to dance after some time and want to refresh your skills. The General level class would also be suitable for people with lots of dance experience who are working with injuries and are seeking a cautious approach.

Improvers - This is a “follow on” course and can be suitable for those with some previous experience. This course builds on the techniques introduced in beginners level classes. At improvers, you will develop skill and confidence and continue to improve until you and the teacher are ready for you to progress.

  • Improvers 1 – Suitable for those who have completed at least one year of our beginner's ballet classes or equivalent and have a good grasp of the basic techniques and terminology.
  • Improvers 2 – suitable for those who have been practicing ballet for some time

Intermediate - suitable for those with solid technique. This is a progression from improvers and is for the more experienced dancer. This course moves students to a significant increase in skill development. The material will be more difficult than previous levels. The music and routines will often change when the course is offered and it is advisable that students take this course several times before moving on to Advanced.

Advanced - This is a progression suitable for those with substantial experience. The course will be challenging with respect to moves and routines. This is the highest level of training offered at City Lit and the material will be designed to challenge the individual students on the course. Students will find the repetition of this course invaluable as the material and challenges will change as the individual dancer develops.

Need more guidance?

If you are not quite sure which level suits you, or if you would like to go higher or lower than what is recommended based on how much dance experience you have, please get in touch with the Department of Drama, Dance & Speech on 020 4582 0413 or by email.