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City Lit reception tile display

Story added 17th Dec 2019

City Lit Reception display


In 2019 the ground floor at City Lit underwent a major refurbishment, funded through the Mayor’s capital investment programme, improvements included a new entrance, reception and gallery. You may have noticed our fabulous display of tiles in blue and purple hues behind the new ground floor reception. The initial inspiration for the display came from a unique stained glass piece created by staff and students which was originally installed at the Stukley Street site.

City Lit Stained Glass

75 of the tiles are from bitmapped photos that informed abstract interpretations of City Lit’s history as originally represented in the stained glass window. A further 8 designs have been created by lifting motifs from the new Centenary watermark in the City Lit logo. You’ll see graphic shapes such as the pegs of the guitar, or the dots of the microphone.

City Lit reception tile display

 Incorporating these elements into the tiles tightly links the design to the present and celebrates, subtly, the Centenary. London Mayor Sadiq Kahn laser cut his own abstract tile with a graphic of the Thames and his motto ‘London is Open’ when he opened the new gallery in 2019.

London is open

You’ll see some of the tiles are still 'unmarked’, in 2020 and beyond we will invite students, staff and fellows to contribute and ask them to design a tile or similar, visually adding them to the wall but keeping to the same format. Through the display we hope to show how we are continually evolving and celebrating our learners’ progress and development.

Reception desk tiles

City Lit reception tile montage