Highlights from the UK Massage Championship 2023 at City Lit

Alan Billington
Published: 18 September 2023
UK Massage Championship at City Lit

We are thrilled to share the resounding success of the recently hosted UK Massage Championship 2023, which took place on September 16 and 17 at City Lit.

This remarkable competition, open to national and international therapists, delivered two days of skilful demonstrations, workshops, and fierce competition, shining a spotlight on the often-underappreciated contributions of massage practitioners to society's health and wellbeing.


(photography by Michael Harding)


The Championship programme

May Ka Mei Au

Massage practitioners who participated in the UK Massage Championship had the opportunity to showcase their talents in up to three categories, carefully curated to encourage maximum participation. The event featured a diverse and exciting program, including an array of three workshops each day, aimed at elevating the skills and effectiveness of high-performing massage practitioners.

Meet the judges

The UK Massage Championship upheld the highest standards, thanks to its affiliation with the World Massage Council (WMC) and sponsorship from industry giants. This event was meticulously organized by Bhavesh T. Joshi of the London School of Massage, in collaboration with Alan Billington, City Lit's Head of Programme for Health and Wellbeing. With over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, training, and assessment, the judging panel was nothing short of stellar:

  • Bhavesh T. Joshi - London School of Massage
  • Alan Billington - City Lit
  • Carole Lindsey - ITEC
  • Yasser Hamouda - Myotool Technique
  • Doreen Uzice - Quantum Metta
  • Trevor England - City Lit
  • Kay Galbraith - ITEC 

The UK Massage Championship was made possible through the generous support of sponsors:

  • Master Massage Equipment




  • SOLO



  • Massage Warehouse

  • Physique

  • Hi5

  • MAFA

  • The Massage Company

  • IMAS

  • World Massage Council – WMC

  • Lovett design


Meet the winners

Lukas Bozik

Participants had a chance to win attractive prizes that recognized their exceptional skills and dedication.

Overall winners:

  1. Andrea Moli
  2. May Ka Mei Au
  3. Lukas Bozik

Massage Category:
Lukas Bozik – 1st place
Desmond Wilmott – 2nd place

Advance Massage:
Lukas Bozik – 2nd place

Anett Nagyapati – 3rd place

The seated Massage:
Lukas Bozik – 1st place

Overall winner:
Lukas Bozik – 3rd place

Incredible talent

Reflecting on this outstanding event, Alan Billington, Head of Programme for Health and Wellbeing at City Lit, shared his enthusiasm, saying, "The UK Massage Championship showcased the incredible talent within the massage community and emphasized the crucial role they play in promoting health and wellbeing. City Lit was honoured to host this event, and we were excited to witness the participants' dedication and expertise."

As we reflect on the recently hosted UK Massage Championship at City Lit, we can't help but feel proud of the event's resounding success. It was a testament to the incredible skill and dedication of massage practitioners who contribute so significantly to society's health and wellbeing. We are grateful to all participants, judges, and sponsors for making these two days a celebration of excellence, learning, and competition. 

Andrea Moliin

For those inspired by this event and interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy, explore our massage courses to start your journey towards becoming a skilled practitioner. 

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Highlights from the UK Massage Championship 2023 at City Lit