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Centre for Learning Disabilities Education student stories

Jethro said: 

I enjoy coming here. The tutors can be very friendly and humorous. You get more product, more learning in Progress than you do in most other colleges that teach people with learning difficulties. 

After doing Art, I've been able to get back into the mainstream. It also gave me confidence to design flyers for Mencap and Equal People, for their fundraising. I still do Computing and I've learnt emails and Powerpoint so far.

Maureen said:

The courses are very interesting. It builds up your confidence. I just want to continue learning. 

I needed help to learn the keys for computing, to help me get a job, and to help me with giving the right change. 

In my classes the tutor prints out the words and I read it. I am better than I was, but I've got more to learn. Next year I am going to concentrate on reading and writing. 

It's very encouraging to see others learning the same things as me. Being here and doing my voluntary work helps me not get depressed. I work in an elderly day centre making tea and coffee and chatting to them. Doing my CV helps for this. I brought one into the Skills For Work class, where we do little role plays acting out jobs. My next step is going to get a paid job part-time.