Japanese 2 lower: module 1

Course Dates: 15/09/20 - 01/12/20
Time: 19:35 - 21:05
Location: Online

Further develop your listening and speaking skills in Japanese, and continue to improve your skills in reading and writing in Japanese. Based on Japanese for Busy People 1. Suitable if you have completed Japanese beginners or equivalent. Further develop your listening and speaking skills in Japanese, and continue to improve your skills in reading and writing in Japanese. Based on Japanese for Busy People 1. Suitable if you have completed 'Japanese 1' or equivalent.

This course will be delivered online. For more information please see our guide to online learning.


What is the course about?

You will learn to communicate more fully and fluently in a wider range of everyday situations and conversations and develop a fuller understanding of Japanese culture and customs.

This is a live online course. For more information please see our guide to online learning.
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What will we cover?

Textbook: Japanese for Busy People 1 Revised 3rd edition (Lessons 11, 13, 15, 16 & 25 )

Express frequency
Asking for and saying reasons
Saying what you want
Expressing desire to do something
Giving compliments
Talking about family
Talking about possessions
Understanding simple Kanji in context
Today’s Japan
Useful colloquial expressions.

What will I achieve?
By the end of this course you should be able to...

• Talk about frequency / sometimes or often
• hoshii & ¿taidesu
• Give and receive / agemasu,, moraimasu, ( kuremasu )
• Arimasu for saying possession
• Arimasu for events happening
• Invitation and making arrangements / mashoo / masenka / mashooka
• Offer things to do using / mashooka
• Use various verbs to express everyday routine
• Understand current Japanese culture and affairs
• Read basic Kanji characters
• Use short colloquial expressions.

What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

You should have completed Japanese for Busy People 1 ( lessons 1-10, 12 & 14 ), and be able to read all Hiragana and Katakana characters fluently .

For further details of the specific foreign language skills required for this level, please see the languages self-assessment chart, using the link at the top of this page. You can also find the chart at the start of the languages section in our course guide. You will also need to be able to respond to simple instructions and read course documents in English and be at ease with the use of number for daily activities (e.g. using money, telling the time, etc).

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

The course is based on the communicative approach:

- active students’ interaction
- emphasis on speaking and listening skills
- pair and group work
- role plays
- use of realia, pictures and authentic material
- use of audio-visual techniques when appropriate

Please note, students are expected to participate in oral classroom activities and to do some homework as and when required.

Are there any other costs? Is there anything I need to bring?

Textbook: Japanese for Busy People 1 Revised 3rd edition (Lessons 11, 13, 15, 16 & 25 )
Please try: Grant and Cutler at Foyles-www.foyles.co.uk/languages (020 7437 5660).

When I've finished, what course can I do next?

Japanese 2 lower: module 2. Please enrol as soon as possible as spaces cannot be guaranteed.


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Reviews below are by students who have attended this course, regardless of the course teacher. Please be aware you may not be booking onto a course with the same teacher.

You will need to study outside of the class - work is provided
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 08/12/2019)
Very interactive and useful
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 20/11/2019)
The teacher is very enthusiastic and is a good educator. The lessons are thorough but unambitious as to amount of content tackled. Drawbacks are the poor link between the textbook and what is done in the classroom. Also a lot of time is spent in 1-2-1 dialogue which is very frustrating when one's allocated partner is not very good!
Course Rating
Review by Michael / (Posted on 19/11/2019)
Although the course is challenging and hard work the tutor is excellent and gives both encouragement and support throughout - and ensures the classes are enjoyable
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 12/12/2018)
Having studied several languages at City Lit over seven years.I would encourage anyone, Regardless of their age,
to enroll in a language course,
By learning another language ,they would discover another world ,full of so many different cultures
Course Rating
Review by jim anderson learning Japanese. / (Posted on 30/11/2018)
The tutor is such a great teacher. She makes the course both enjoyable and helpful. I highly recommend signing up - I've learnt so much so far and I'm in my second year.
Course Rating
Review by Vinz / (Posted on 24/01/2016)
The class is really enjoyable, and has truly been a highlight of my week. The tutor skilfully encourages students of different levels, with lots of opportunities for interaction and participation. I am really pleased with the progress I have been able to make.
Course Rating
Review by Robert / (Posted on 22/12/2015)
I confess I only managed four of the classes, the first few because I only decided late that I really HAD to go to a course instead of learning on my own, and three towards the end because I had to have some medical attention. However, the course is wonderful and gives me the framework in which I can establish what I already 'know' intellectually. Exposure to lots of Japanese, a pretty demanding ninety minutes, and wonderful handouts and flashcards, makes me imagine that I may even begin to speak soon. So: outstanding. I love languages and would do lots if there were the time. Japanese was my first choice. And a very good one.
Course Rating
Review by jip. / (Posted on 22/12/2015)
The tutor is very engaging and speaks a lot in Japanese and English which gets us used to hearing the language. Using flashcards also helps us to put pictures to the words. I am learning a lot - more here than what I was at my past university!
Course Rating
Review by Rachel / (Posted on 06/10/2015)
After completing the Japanese fast track course I felt confidence to carry on learning Japanese and decided to carry on with Japanese 2 Lower. Although there is a lot to learn i.e. verbs, grammar and new vocabulary I feel that our teacher has made extra effort to encourage us to learn with all the material she provides. The cartoon drawings do help too! I feel that we are encouraged to read and speak more which makes me feel positive to keep on learning.
Course Rating
Review by Mei / (Posted on 10/07/2015)
Tutor Biographies
Chikako Nakagawa

Chika has over 27 years of experience as a Japanese teacher, 23 of which she has spent at City Lit. Her work was recognised with a Teacher of the Year award in 2017. She has a teaching diploma and a Degree in Fine Art. Since coming to the UK from Yokuska, Japan, in the late 1980s, Chika travelled extensively as a performance artist, taught Zig and Zag Japanese on the Big Breakfast TV show, and wrote pieces about Japanese life for various publications. Chika encourages her students to experience every aspect of Japanese culture, which she supports by introducing food, onsen, music and etiquette in her classes, as well as running special film night events at City Lit. Chika is constantly researching new methods to introduce students to the joy of learning, encouraging self- discovery and connection through class activities. Chika’s love of art and performance is reflected in her inspirational teaching materials, including original hand drawn certificates for student achievements which are displayed in the City Lit 100 years exhibition. Teaching and learning Japanese is a joy that Chika wants to share with everyone.

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