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Which course is right for me?

City Lit Speech Therapy
Which course is right for me?

Advisory sessions for people who stammer

To decide which course would be most suitable you can book a free advisory session. You'll have the chance to hear more about our approach to stammering therapy, and choose from the different types of therapy on offer. We operate a first-come, first-served basis so it's best to enrol early.

Contact us

If you would like to arrange a free advisory session or speak to someone for advice, please contact us.

Phone: 020 7492 2578 or 020 7492 2569

Courses for people who stammer

You can choose from a range of daytime and evening courses for people who stammer.

Intensive daytime stammering therapy

Over the year we offer daytime intensive courses to people who stammer new to our way of working. These courses are called ‘The City Lit 7-day intensive courses for adults who stammer’. They last 7 days altogether – you come initially for 5 consecutive days and then return for a final 2 days about a month later.

Long evening Stage 1 courses

Our Stage 1 courses take place once a week from 6:00 to 8:00pm and a designed for people who are new to speech therapy or to our particular approach at the City Lit. The courses run for between 22 to 24 weeks

There are two types of Stage 1 courses:

  • The 'Stage 1 stammering therapy' course  is for people with a more obvious stammer. 
  • The 'Interiorised stammering' course is for people who hide their stammer, to the extent that other people around them might not know about their stammer.

On our intensive courses and our Stage 1 courses, you’ll:

  • learn about your own particular pattern of stammering and what changes you can make to develop easier speech.
  • develop your understanding of avoidance and the role it plays in maintaining stammering and how you can work on gradually reducing your avoidance.
  • get a clearer idea about how you’re thinking and feeling about stammering and learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings more easily through cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness work.
  • learn techniques to help you deal with moments of stammering in an easier way and will have plenty of opportunities to practise speaking using these techniques.

Refresher and topic-based courses for people who stammer

These are for people wishing to progress from an intensive or Stage 1 evening course or have done some speech therapy elsewhere. These are either evening courses (running between 5 to 10 weeks) or day-time short courses (lasting between 1 and 3 days). Examples of our topic-based courses include interview skills, public speaking, assertiveness and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Training courses for Speech and Language Therapists

CPD courses

We offer a range of training courses for qualified speech and language therapists including 'Working with adults who stammer', 'Effective counselling skills for speech and language therapists' and 'Mindfulness meditation for speech and language therapists'.

Bespoke courses

We can also deliver tailor-made courses in your area on a variety of topics including adult stammering therapy, mindfulness meditation, counselling skills, group work, assertiveness, process of change and setting up supervision networks. 

Please contact us on 020 7492 2578 / 020 7492 2579 or e-mail us at to find out more.

Career-entry course

In addition we offer a highly popular course 'Speech and language therapy as a career', designed for people who are interested in speech and language therapy as a career. The course lasts two days and takes place 3 times during the year. It includes topics such as:

  • Training entry requirements
  • Where and how to apply
  • Course content
  • The role of the speech and language therapists
  • Career structure
  • Meeting people with communication difficulties
  • Practising interview skills.

Please contact us on 020 7492 2578 or e-mail us as to find out more.