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Teachers' toolkit

We offer initial teacher training for teachers and aspiring teachers/trainers of adults, with part-time, flexible courses leading to national qualifications.

We also train and develop people who are already working, or who want to work in a range of organisations including adult education, community and further education, the voluntary sector, work-based learning and the public and private sector. This includes training in coaching and management.

If you'd like advice on which course to choose, please call our Teacher education and development team.


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Telephone hours for general advice: Mon, Tue and Thu 10:00-17:00, Wed and Fri 10:00-13:00

For specific course advice: Tue 17:00-18:00, Wed and Thu 11:30-12:30

Telephone: 020 7492 2537


Courses coming up...

Unit 1: Adult Learning, TD01E 14 Sep-28 Sep Mon 2 OS £40NC £40 £40

Unit 2: Planning Learning, TD02E 12 Oct-26 Oct Mon 2 OS £40NC £40 £40

Unit 3: Facilitating active learning, TD03E 9 Nov-23 Nov Mon 2 OS £40NC £40 £40

Unit 4: Checking learning, D04E 7 Dec-21 Dec Mon 2 OS £40NC £40 £40