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Access to HE student stories

Cathy Tyson

Cathy WebCathy Web

“I was feeling jaded about my acting career and needed to revive my energy. I also knew that if I were to change the direction of my career, it would be a good idea to get some qualifications.

“So, I started a creative studies access course at City Lit, and as a result I’m now studying at Brunel University. My passion for learning is growing everyday, and I now respect myself for having taken on such a huge challenge.

“I now believe that things are possible. My confidence has grown, and my zest for life has returned. Life isn’t
dull anymore.” 

Sam Parker 

Sam studied at City Lit for three years, beginning with the year-long ‘Return to study’ course. His time at school had been largely a negative experience but he decided to give learning a try as an adult in order to improve his prospects.

“Initially I found studying hard and lacked confidence in my abilities, but I persevered and found studying at City Lit a whole new experience. I decided to stay on to get my GCSEs and now have an Access to higher education certificate.”

Sam has now begun a psychology degree at Westminster University, quite an incredible achievement. “By participating in education I am gaining more self-confidence, not only academically but also in other aspects of my life. This has opened up many new opportunities, and I hope to attain a good degree which will enable me to have a life that I previously could only dream of.”