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BSL interpreter wearing a high vis vest at an event
Unveil the top 10 most useful languages to learn in 2024 for career advancement, travel, and personal enrichment. Don't miss out!
Beginner Arabic language learner writing Hello word in abjad Arabic alphabet on a notebook close-up shot
Thinking of learning Arabic? Here's our guide to learning Arabic will help guide you through the best ways to master the language.
How to learn Japanese

How to learn Japanese

15 September 2023
What the common hurdles to learning Japanese. Here are some helpful learning techniques.
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Korean culture has garnered global interest. In this blog post, we'll explore seven interesting facts about the Korean language
Tutor teaching a language class a City Lit
What are the career options for multilinguals and bilinguals? Read our in-depth guide to the best careers using languages.
Person in a yoga pose at sunset
There are many benefits to learning a new language and it can help improve your mental health. City Lit explains how you can enhance your mental well-being.