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Charmaine Watkiss
As a City Lit alum, completing the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design in 2015, we were delighted to speak with Charmaine to find out more about her time with us and how it has influenced her career.
What is beauty in art?
If beauty is on the eye of the beholder, then "what is beauty?" when every beholder has their own opinion?
Still from an experimental film - A blurred figure dancing
City Lit Expanded Experimental Film is an immersive year-long course designed to facilitate and advance personal filmmaking projects. Learn more about this course.
Artwork produced by student on City Lit course
In a recent chat, we spoke with Raz Barfield, who leads Advanced Practice at City Lit. He explained the valuable skills students learn and highlighted how these courses stand apart from typical Univer...
London Piccadilly during night evening
Visual Communication is all around us. We are exposed to it virtually all-day, every-day.
Foundation Diploma 2023 Poster
Don’t miss your chance to see the amazing artwork by our City Lit Foundation students on Thursday 6th July until Sunday 9th July at Downstairs at The Department Store in Brixton. 
Forest tree with art drawings stuck to trunks - artwork by Emma Liebeskind called "Spring"
The City Lit Fine Art course is a part time programme of 2 or 3 years on which you will engage with a range creative and contemporary fine art practice processes and ideas.
What is video or film editing?
Lily Markiewicz unlocks the what, how and why of video and film editing. How is editing done and why is it so significant and powerful?
An image of hands moulding a vase from clay
Craft demands attention. When you take up the art of creating with your hands, there are many benefits to your mental and physical wellbeing.
Art & mindfulness for beginners
An introduction to drawing and the art of mindfulness, by Clare Barton-Harvey, City Lit drawing and painting tutor. Read more about about the intrinsic links between drawing and the art of mindfulness...

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