How much do you know about the world's languages?

Claudio Guasti
Published: 25 February 2021
Images of hands with the globe painted on


The UK is a growing multicultural society with 1 in 7 of us born abroad(1). And although you’ll find many of the world’s languages spoken in UK homes – from London to Manchester, Birmingham and beyond – less than half of Brits can speak a second language(2).

Learning a language is so much more than understanding the words. You’ll also learn how to connect with friends, neighbours and colleagues, in the UK and abroad. And you’ll discover different cultures with rich traditions along the way. 

With language learning more accessible than ever, you can take City Lit language courses online. So whether you’re interested in learning European, CelticAsian, African and Middle Eastern, or classical and ancient languages – the world is at your fingertips.


Before you browse City Lit's range of language courses, why not test your knowledge of the world’s languages? Take the quiz to find out where you can find Welsh speakers outside the UK and what the world’s second favourite book is…







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How much do you know about the world's languages?