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Music history: your guide to our programme

1 July 2022
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Music history: at City Lit

What is a music history course?

Music history courses are designed to help you explore new music and/or to find out more about the music you already enjoy.  Please read Karen Betley's blog post Music History: an introduction to find out more.

I am a complete beginner in classical music, what do you recommend?

We have courses specially designed to introduce you to classical music and to help you get a clear overview of the topic. The emphasis here is on understanding the timeline of key works, and helping you find ones you enjoy.

  • Exploring classical music is a music appreciation course in three terms (modules) and is a great way to start exploring
  • Great works courses are short courses (usually just one or two sessions) dedicated to a famous composer, performer or piece of music

Our schedule of courses

*all courses with an asterisk in the list below are online courses

If any of the links in this blog post say ‘page not found’ please contact the music office and we’ll let you know when the next course is expected to take place.

Term 2: Winter 2024





Term 3: Spring/Summer 2024





Music theory courses

Music history Summer shorts