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Halloween pumpkins in a forest
City Lit French language tutor, Julie Ricci gets us in the mood for a scary Halloween with 6 scary French legends. This one left us a bit scared of the dark!
We invite our past and present photography students to enter a photography competition. If selected, your work will be framed and permanently displayed in the classrooms on the newly renovated second ...
10 great reasons for learning French and why you should learn it at City Lit
Looking for a reason to learn a new language? Here are 10 good reasons for choosing French for your next linguistic adventure.
Woman in a yoga pose
The benefits of language learning range from professional development and new career opportunities to cognitive and mental health benefits - but the positive mental wellbeing impact of learning a new ...
Image of hands with the globe painted on
Learning a language is so much more than understanding the words. Why not test your knowledge of the world’s languages with a short interactive quiz?
Welsh books
The Welsh language is blessed with material written specifically for learners, where the language is clear, and useful on-page vocabulary provided. Looking for a place to start? Here are just some of ...
From student to tutor – passing on my Welsh inheritance by Clare Whitehead
City Lit tutor, Clare Whitehead recounts her fascinating and inspiring journey towards speaking and teaching Welsh.
Being able to speak another language is an invaluable skill. What language should you choose to study? Read about our top 10 recommended languages to learn in 2021.
The importance of Languages in Global Context
Read more about City Lit's response to today's report about the importance of languages | City Lit
Claudio Guasti
Meet our Head of School for Languages and Cultures, Claudio Guasti. We recently had a chat with Claudio to find out what he loves most about his role at City Lit and what students should expect from ...