Build a website in a day with WordPress

Course Dates: 20/04/20
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Location: KS - Keeley Street
Julian Holden

WordPress is the world's most popular content management system, and it's free! On this intensive, one-day course you'll learn how to use it to build your own website.


What is the course about?

• A fast-paced introduction to the WordPress Content Management system – Computer software that allows you to quickly and easily create and maintain websites and/or blogs.
• Learners wishing to cover this material at a slower pace over multiple sessions may want to consider the City Lit course WordPress: introduction
• Learners wishing to use WordPress primarily to blog and who wish to examine blogging in more detail may prefer the course "Blogging: write your own blog using WordPress".

What will we cover?

• What is WordPress?
• Getting started with WordPress – and self-hosted sites
• Creating, modifying and deleting web pages
• Adding and modifying text, pictures and video in a website
• Styling a WordPress site with Themes.

What will I achieve?
By the end of this course you should be able to...

• Recognise the key concepts of WordPress
• Be able to create and manage a simple WordPress website.

What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

Beginner level. You should have basic computing skills and experience of using a web browser on a PC or Mac.

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

You will be taught step by step through using demonstrations and presentations. Each student has access to a
computer for practical work.
The course is taught using the free-hosted service Differences between this and self-hosted
WordPress sites will be discussed.

Are there any other costs? Is there anything I need to bring?

There are no additional costs. You will need an email account that you can access during the lesson to activate your account.

When I've finished, what course can I do next?

Blogging: writing your own blog using WordPress, WordPress: intermediate, Design your own website using
WordPress: for visual artists, HTML5 & CSS: introduction (stage 1). You might also want to explore some of our
digital marketing courses such as Search engine optimisation (SEO), Google analytics: introduction or City Lit
Pro: introduction to marketing metrics and ROI.


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Is a good starting point, if you want to learn Wordpress. The one day course covered a good amount of useful material.
Course Rating
Review by Steven / (Posted on 14/03/2020)
take it
Course Rating
Review by Emma / (Posted on 09/03/2020)
A very good introduction for anyone who is considering using Wordpress.
Course Rating
Review by Philip Savage / (Posted on 02/03/2020)
This course is great and delivers what it sets out to - you leave with a web site. However, unless you turn up with a well defined and not too ambitious web-site plan, all the content pre-prepared (words, pictures, links etc) your web-site is very unlikely to be a fully formed site that you would let loose on the world. But I finished with the skills, knowledge and confidence to work further to complete the job. Highly recommended
Course Rating
Review by Neil, London / (Posted on 27/02/2020)
Take it. Great rapid introduction and gives solid knowledge for future study
Course Rating
Review by D Speer / (Posted on 09/02/2020)
An excellent introduction to Wordpress - really worth a go
Course Rating
Review by Janet / (Posted on 21/01/2020)
This is a great course if you want to build a small basic website with Wordpress, if you need longer to learn this day course probably isn't for you. But I felt it was pitched at the right level for me and for what I wanted to achieve. I know feel I can build a small website in Wordpress and theme it, linking together several pages.
Course Rating
Review by Kyrstie / (Posted on 14/01/2020)
I wasn’t able to build a website in a day but it gave me the confidence to feel that one day I might be able to build a website or at least have a conversation with someone about doing it for me.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 16/12/2019)
This is an excellent intensive introduction to Wordpress. Basic computer skills are necessary but instruction was clear and perfectly easy to follow.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 09/11/2019)
Make sure you know if you want or .org as this is only .com and quite basic.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 08/11/2019)
Read up on Wordpress beforehand. Well run and prepared course. Good location and facilities
Course Rating
Review by Degsy / (Posted on 20/10/2019)
Do it, it is a really good start with Wordpress.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 11/10/2019)
It is an informative course and helped to reinforce the knowledge of wordpress I have whilst also improving my skills.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 11/10/2019)
This is a beginners course that teaches at a slow pace. Good for the elderly.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 02/10/2019)
Be realistic of what can be gained from a one day web design course. Lots to take in and as much crammed into the day as possible by very knowledgeable and experienced tutor. Lots of information to progress with.
Course Rating
Review by Wendy Hue / (Posted on 30/09/2019)
good course to teach you exactly what it says -- learn to construct a website
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 17/09/2019)
I would recommend it.
Course Rating
Review by None / (Posted on 17/09/2019)
Excellent basic course in WordPress. No prior knowledge required. A lot of ground covered in one day.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 16/09/2019)
This course provide a good starting point to explore and learn more about WordPress especially for those with no previous experience.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 02/08/2019)
That I'd recommend it
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 29/07/2019)
Jump right in. Even with little computer experience you can benefit.
Course Rating
Review by Tinypixie / (Posted on 28/07/2019)
This course is great if you have a little bit of knowledge about WordPress and want to update it. The tutor was full of helpful hints and information about updates to the software and was fully available for all our questions. I got a lot out of the course and feel confident I can now go away and plan and build a new WordPress site.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 10/07/2019)
A lot is crammed into one day which gave me a really good basis to develop my interests
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 31/05/2019)
Excellent introduction to creating a website. It covers a lot of ground and gives you a good basis for taking it further outside the class.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 02/05/2019)
Really useful for beginners wanting to start a blog or build a website.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 29/04/2019)
Yes I would recommend this course
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 14/04/2019)
It was an all-day course but fun. The tutor was as patient as he was expert and paced it very well. No need to be intimidated or feel remotely self-conscious. The class was full but the size of it (11) meant that everyone was given the attention they needed. My wife and I really enjoyed it and felt that we learnt quite a lot. You will find that the whole thing is demystified for you.
Course Rating
Review by RW / (Posted on 13/04/2019)
An excellent course. The tutor explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and ensured everyone understood before moving onto the next bit. If you got stuck, she came over to help you get back on track. I now feel confident of being able to create a website/blog using WordPress.
Course Rating
Review by Kay-Anne Sheen / (Posted on 05/04/2019)
you will learn very basic.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 16/03/2019)
The course runs at a good pace and demystifies the subject. The tutor creates a great atmosphere for learning in. The day was fun, interesting and very instructive. With no previous experience, I am now confident I can build a simple website on my own.
Course Rating
Review by Alison / (Posted on 06/03/2019)
for sure yes I would recommend this course
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 18/02/2019)
This is a very intensive one day course so will suit people who already have some basic knowledge, or are quick on the uptake. Otherwise take the same course spread over shorter sessions. I went already managing a Wordpress site and wanting to do it better and it worked for that perfectly.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 17/02/2019)
If you want to use Wordpress this covers all the basics
Course Rating
Review by Justine / (Posted on 17/02/2019)
It assumes course attendees have absolutely no knowledge of the internet so takes you right back to basics. However, if you get past all of that, the course did exactly what I needed and showed me how to use Wordpress which was what I was looking for. Great instruction, great tutor.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 22/01/2019)
Good and quick intro to building your website
Course Rating
Review by Yusuf Samad / (Posted on 21/01/2019)
Really recommend this one - you'll end up with a website as the course says and the pace is just right. Even as a non-techy person I was enjoying it right through to the end.
Course Rating
Review by Harriet / (Posted on 19/01/2019)
Fantastic intro the the subject, learned a great deal, brilliant knowledgeable tutor.
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 12/12/2018)
Excellent course if you want to create your own website
Course Rating
Review by Simon / (Posted on 12/12/2018)
I would recommend this course to those wanting to know the basics in Wordpress.
Course Rating
Review by Rachael / (Posted on 06/12/2018)
If you want to have a go at building your own site definitely go for it - it was intensive but the tutor was great at explaining the jargon and it was satisfying to see a site come together in a matter of hours. You'll have to put some more work in after the course though if you want something good enough to send out to prospective clients
Course Rating
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 05/12/2018)
A good practical way of learning how to build your own simple but fully functioning website. Much easier than trying to figure it out on your own or trying to refer to YouTube tutorials. I was pleased with the simple website I was able to create at the end of the day.
Course Rating
Review by Jules / (Posted on 06/10/2018)
Excellent course, definitely worth it, highly recommended if you are new to this.
Course Rating
Review by Joshua / (Posted on 03/05/2017)
The course was just the right intensity and matched the course description perfectly - there was plenty of opportunity to try things and all the basics covered in a good overview. A computer-literate person could be up and running after this day. The tutor was an excellent and enthusiastic communicator.
Course Rating
Review by Ben / (Posted on 27/01/2017)
Very good indeed. Great lecturer.
Course Rating
Review by John Kentish / (Posted on 25/06/2015)
This is one of the best computer courses I have ever taken. The tutor is inspirational and prepared to go an extra mile to explain any questions. At the end of the day I was able to build not only my website but also my husbands.
Course Rating
Review by mountain goat / (Posted on 19/06/2015)
Excellent course. Well taught and the lecturer did a brilliant job at dealing with a very wide range of knowledge/previous experience. Good quality materials and since course have designed and launched my website.
Course Rating
Review by CM / (Posted on 19/06/2015)
The course was exactly what i expected and it gave me an overview of what to expect from Wordpress.
Course Rating
Review by Martine / (Posted on 14/04/2015)
I took literally the course title 'build ... in a day' and no way did the course equip me to do this hence the low ratings I have given the course. To pace the course step by step making sure slower students like me weren't left behind would have made the course excellent value and an inspiring experience. The tutor was skilled, friendly and knew the subject matter backwards.
Course Rating
Review by Jy / (Posted on 13/04/2015)
This is a really good introduction, entertainingly taught. The pace is slow enough for almost-beginners to encompass it very easily. And by the end of the day, you have a website.
Course Rating
Review by KathyJ / (Posted on 13/04/2015)
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