City Lit to host UK Massage Championship 2023

City Lit to host UK Massage Championship 2023

19 May 2023

We are delighted to announce that the UK Massage Championship is taking place at City Lit this year on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September. 

Competition & Workshops

UK Massage Championship UK Massage Championship
UK Massage Championship

Open to therapists nationally and internationally, massage practitioners can choose to enter in up to 3 categories in massage and complementary therapies, from a list of 6 options that have been designed for maximum participation.  

The UK Massage Championship is a unique event that celebrates the skills of practitioners and the, often ignored and hidden, contribution they make to the Health and Wellbeing of societies.

During the 2-day event, there will be an interesting selection of 3 workshops each day that focus on the skills and effectiveness of becoming and being a high performing massage practitioner.

Competition with Quality & Standards

Approved and backed by the World Massage Council (WMC) and sponsored by some of the largest organisations within the industry, The UK Massage Championship has been organised and overseen by Bhavesh T. Joshi (London School of Massage) in collaboration with Alan Billington (City Lit, Head of Programme for Health and Wellbeing), with an aim to provide a UK Massage Championship with high standards of judging and involvement from a wide community of the massage and education sector. 


With a wide background in practices, each judge has more than 25 years’ experience, including clinical, training and assessment:

Bhavesh T. Joshi - London School of Massage
Alan Billington - City Lit
Carole Lindsey - ITEC
Marey El Hamouly - IMAS (International)
Chris Phililips - Cotswold Academy
Doreen Uzice - Quantum Metta
Trevor England - City Lit

Proud sponsors

The major sponsors for this event are ITEC/VTCT - the leading industry awarding body for qualifications in the UK, as well as Master Massage Equipment, one of the largest providers of massage equipment in the USA and UK.


If you are a massage practitioner and wish to showcase your skills, find out more register your entry on the UK Championship Massage website.

If you have an interest in complementary therapies and or would like to observe the many different types of practices on show, please make sure you join us. Spectators, visitors, and the general public are welcome to the competition, free of charge.

UK Massage Championship UK Massage Championship
UK Massage Championship 2023

Massage courses at City Lit

Interested in studying massage therapy, either just for fun or as a potentially new career? Learn the theory and practice of massage from beginner to professional level and discover a range of new techniques and therapies. Our courses are taught by experts who practice massage and are brilliant at communicating their enthusiasm.

If you have hearing loss, you can learn to manage your hearing loss and improve your communication skills through lipreading. Our Introduction to lipreading course is a perfect start.