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Percussion Orchestra with Royal Academy of Music

'Life Cycles' by the Percussion Orchestra and the Royal Academy of Music.


The Percussion Orchestra is a music project at City Lit for adults with learning disabilities in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Music.

The project aims to create and perform original compositions to a high standard, and break down societal assumptions around learning disabilities. Every member of the group is treated on equal terms.

City Lit students work with Royal Academy students in a collaborative process that seamlessly unlocks the full musical potential of the entire group.

The project harnesses the unique abilities of the City Lit students with the world class instrumental skills of the RAM players.

City Lit students include several skilled musicians who are engaged in public performances outside college, variously in bands performing gigs or regular music groups in church or other social contexts. The long term goal of the project is to consolidate its identity beyond the college and take up the opportunity to play at festivals and in concert halls. The project aims as high as possible in terms of creating works that are of genuine musical interest and merit to an audience. Both sets of students benefit from participation in the orchestra and their respective strengths help them to bounce off each other.

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Percussion Orchestra and Royal Academy of Music present: Life Cycles

Watch the City Lit Percussion Orchestra and Royal Academy of Music players present 'Life Cycles'.

The performance was part of the end of year show by students with learning disabilities. Life Cycles was created collaboratively and has five parts based on the idea of how we relate to the present, past and future.

Watch Alex Thomas, Percussion Orchesta coordinator, talk about the 'Life Cycles' project below.

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