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Previous festivals

Percussion orchestra at Mental Wealth Festival 2019Percussion orchestra at Mental Wealth Festival 2019

Mental Wealth Festival 2019

The fifth edition of the Mental Wealth Festival ran in October 2019 to coincide with World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2019. We focussed on relationships, family, friendship and the importance of community and support networks.


Mark Malcomson with Grayson Perry and Kate Wickham on stageMark Malcomson with Grayson Perry and Kate Wickham on stage

Mental Wealth Festival 2018

In 2018 we celebrated many aspects of life including personal development, home, work and the community. We explored energy and wellbeing, personal stories, recovery (mental health awareness, coping with pressure and stress) and suicide prevention. 

Woman speaking at the National GalleryWoman speaking at the National Gallery

Mental Wealth Festival 2017

This year included talks, debates and workshops by more than 100 contributors, from politicians to health sector innovators, mental health campaigners to business leaders, to famous arts institutions and leading charities. The event was hosted by Baroness Sheila Hollins.

Ruby Wax on stage at City Lit Ruby Wax on stage at City Lit

Mental Wealth Festival 2016

The Mental Wealth Festival 2016 included inspiring talks and contributions by comedian and mental wellbeing advocate Ruby Wax, film star and Hacked Off campaigner Hugh Grant, writer and communicator Alastair Campbell and authors Paul Dolan and Toby Litt.

Sarah Wild at MWF 2015Sarah Wild at MWF 2015

Mental Wealth Festival 2015

Meet the actors, dancers, authors, artists and academics living with dyslexia in the brand new podcast series Move Beyond Words with hosts Charlotte Edmonds and Elizabeth Arifien. As two dyslexic creatives, Charlotte and Elizabeth want to start a conversation about it and share our journey...from the challenges to the countless rewards.