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Clinton Vs Trump: October and Surprises

“Events, dear boy, events.” The live debates are over and most polls are showing a growing gap between the two main presidential candidates.

Clinton vs Trump - The electoral college is key, often misunderstood and could be about to make a big shift

On the morning of Wednesday 9 November 2000, Americans awoke, to deep confusion regarding who had actually won the US election.

Clinton vs Trump - Why this election is different

Each US Presidential election presents a unique set of challenges for those wishing to understand it. That being said, the current Presidential race is completely different to any that have gone before.

New library cards

Congratulations to Kumiko Chesworth for her winning designs, which have been chosen for the new library cards for both students and staff.

Dame Margaret Hodge event at City Lit - Wednesday 5 October

 Dame Margaret Hodge gave a special talk and book signing event on Wednesday 5 October at City lit

Singing after Pregnancy

There’s a new class in the vocal department this year designed to help women at a very special moment in their lives.

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