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London International Animation Festival comes to City Lit

Nag Vladermersky, the founder of the London International Animation Festival will give our next Fast Forward Talk on 2nd March, 2017.

An introduction to Robert Rauschenberg, by City Lit's Amanda Knight

Expand your artistic horizons on Painting concepts, an upcoming course from City Lit, where you will have the chance to examine the stance of two wildly inventive artist-painters and learn how to surrender aspects of pictorial invention to the use of materials. Here, Amanda Knight runs through why these artists continue to fascinate and inspire to this day…

Women, self-esteem and business: Book now to secure your place on our exclusive workshops

On Wednesday 8 March, City Lit are hosting Women, self-esteem and business, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

One Day Workshops From City Lit

Have you always dreamed of pursuing a hobby or specialist interest but consistently struggled to find space in your week to fit in the extra time to learn something new?

The Big Painting Challenge – Episode 2

On Sunday night, you can catch the second episode of The Big Painting Challenge, a new series from the BBC which sees 10 budding artists compete to win the title of ‘Britain’s best amateur artist’. City Lit coordinator Alison Harper acted as Art Consultant on the programme, advising on casting, auditions, materials and sets...

Random Acts Of Kindness Day

Whether it’s presenting colleagues with cake, allowing a total stranger to jump the queue as a gesture of goodwill, or simply taking the time to telephone a friend in need out the blue, today (February 17th) is Random Acts of Kindness Day – the chance to add a warm glow to another human being’s daily routine and lighten up a dreary Friday in February...

London Fashion Week: Explore your passion for fashion at City Lit

Today marks the start of London Fashion Week – the biannual event where the great and good of the fashion world descend on London and showcase their latest designs on the global stage. To mark the occasion, in this blog post City Lit jewellery coordinator Jenny Parker offers an insight into a popular fashion project here at City Lit, VV408 Contemporary Jewellery...

City Lit: Art and design taster classes available at the Affordable Art Fair

City Lit is the programme partner for this year's Affordable Art Fair, taking place from 9 - 12 March in Battersea Park...

Enter The 2017 City Lit Photography Competition

We're now accepting submissions for the 2017 City Lit photography competition. You can submit up to 2 images for this year's competition by Monday 8th May 2017. This competition is open to anybody* and photographs can be on any theme or genre...

City Lit coordinator advises on exciting new BBC One Series ‘The Big Painting Challenge’

A City Lit coordinator has played a leading role in the development of an exciting new six-part BBC One series starting this Sunday night, The Big Painting Challenge.

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