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Discover Hidden Corners of London with City Lit

The team at Londonist recently visited us to try out some of our courses...

An introduction to programming and coding

Programming and coding are often described as emerging skills, particularly in terms of the digital economy. This is only a small part of the story, however…

City Lit Awards celebrate student and staff across the college

The City Lit Awards took place on Thursday night, celebrating the outstanding work and achievements of various students and staff from across the college, as well as the transformation adult learning can bring.

Where to buy music and instruments

A guide to some local music shops and a note on choosing instruments.

The Winter's Tale

The Winter’s Tale; AUDITONS: Sat 30th September - 10-30 -5-30 at City Lit

Don’t Suffer In Silence - Why It’s Important To Continue The Conversation Around Mental Wealth

City Lit recently hosted its 3rd annual Mental Wealth Festival (12-14 September), exploring the human face of wellbeing. Over the three days of the festival, we heard real life stories from various mental health ambassadors and experts, as well as personal reflections from those who have encountered mental health issues. During the last three years, it’s been encouraging to see a noticeable cultural shift in attitudes towards discussing mental health issues. From royalty, to sporting icons, to politicians, it’s fantastic to see we are becoming more comfortable as a society in openly discussing....

How to get the mental edge in competitive sport

Congratulations! You won the evolutionary lottery! You are the lucky owner of the most evolved biological system on planet earth: your amazing body - human brain and nervous system. When do you EVER feel like that? And how do athletes use their amazing neurology to gain the competitive edge in elite sport?

Choosing a singing class at City Lit

This post aims to guide you through the process of choosing a singing course that’s right for you.

City Lit London walks tutor releases new book

Eminent archaeologist and City Lit London walks tutor Gustav Milne is about to publish a new book.

Drawing and the art of mindfulness

An introduction to drawing and the art of mindfulness, by Clare Barton-Harvey, City Lit drawing and painting tutor

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