Forest tree with art drawings stuck to trunks - artwork by Emma Liebeskind called "Spring"

The City Lit Fine Art course

2 August 2021
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The City Lit Fine Art (CLFA) course is an established and continually evolving 2 or 3-year part-time programme on which you will experience and engage with contemporary fine art practice, different media, creative methods, ideas and contexts.

- Jane Hughes, Composed, Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 120 cm
- Laura Madeley Untitled, Cardboard, 30 x 17cms

The City Lit Fine Art course offers interdisciplinary, and supportive learning for students who have a strong portfolio of recent artwork and are committed to developing their skills and understanding of contemporary fine art practice. The course will enable you to build upon your experience and learn new methods, respond to new ideas and develop your creativity towards becoming an independent artist practitioner.

Taught by artists

The City Lit Fine Art course is written and taught by practicing and exhibiting artists who work across a range of fine art media disciplines, from sculpture, drawing and painting to moving image, digital media, print, photography and installation. These different artists share their expertise with small student cohorts in workshops, seminars and tutorials that support the development of technical skill, contextual understanding, group communication and individual creative directions.

Modes of study

The City Lit Fine Art course is part-time and runs both day or evening sessions to enable students to study while maintaining other commitments. It is currently delivered as a blend of online access and timetabled studio sessions.

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- Domino Pateman, Home Laser 4, Blanket, mirror, laser, 80 x 60 x 130cm
- Vivienne Waterhouse, Night Walks, Oil on Arches Huile paper, 34 x 30 cm

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Year 1. Accumulating understanding

The first year of the CLFA course introduces project-based activities that encourage flexible approaches to drawing, painting, sculpture, print, digital media and moving image. These projects are supported by contextual study and introductory debates around contemporary art practice. Opportunities for one to one tutorials and group discussions will help and support your creative development.

Starting in October 2021: City Lit fine art course: year 1

- Sally Weatherill, Untitled, Mixed media on ply, 40 x 40 cm
- Emma Liebeskind, Spring, Charcoal drawings on paper, 42 x 29.7 cm

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Year 2. Personal creative project

Year 2 of the CLFA course introduces greater self-direction and you will build upon your learning in year 1 to develop a personal project that can incorporate different creative methods and media processes. Tutorials, group dialogue and engagement with contemporary art exhibitions and publications will help you to contextualise the work you are developing and articulate your understanding.

This second year can be used to support applications to higher education, or you can opt to study a third year which will enable a more focussed development of a sustainable and self-motivated creative practice.

Starting in October 2021: City Lit fine art course: year 2 daytime

- Sara Haig, Four Hours of Fresh Breeze: 18-23mph wind, SW direction, Brush pen, 29.7 x 42 cm
- Adenike Akinbode, Nine by Nine: Nine Different Inks, Natural inks on cotton rag paper collage, 59 x59cm

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Year 3. Sustainable creative practice

In year 3 you will propose a creative project that might have a more external focus; perhaps in support of an application to study at graduate or post-graduate levels, an external exhibition, or to develop a focussed body of new work.

With mutual group support and regular engagement with CLFA staff you will be able to reflect upon your creative intentions, hone your ideas, studio skills and research methods, and ultimately maximise the development of your personal creative practice. A shifting emphasis on aspects of professional practice will be offered in response to the different combination of interests and requirements that each third year cohort brings.

Starting in October 2021: City Lit fine art course: year 3 daytime and City Lit fine art course: year 3 evening

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Additional options

CLFA (City Lit Fine Arts) is a part of the Advanced Art Practice area in the School of Visual Arts at the City Lit. There are numerous short courses in Advanced Art Practice that offer additional options in contemporary art theory and practice. These can be studied alongside CLFA to support or extend your particular areas of interest.


The City Lit Fine Art course is a part time programme of 2 or 3 years on which you will engage with a range creative processes and ideas that support your self-motivated study in contemporary fine art practice. CLFA is taught by practicing artists and will enable you to develop and articulate a personal creative practice that can support options for further study or a range of independent artistic activities.

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