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National Numeracy Day 2023 - Q&A with Luke Welton
Today we're catching up with City Lit student, Luke Welton on his experience of maths in school, at City Lit, and in everyday life.
Simon Goodier at City Lit
Today on the 17th May, we’re celebrating National Numeracy Day, so what better reason to catch up with Simon Goodier, Head of School for Skills, Employability and Wellbeing at City Lit, to learn mor...
A collage of images representing the hidden uses of Maths in everyday at work and at home
Can you see the maths around you? In the trees? At the supermarket? On the football pitch? In your kitchen? On your spreadsheet? On your payslip? On the news? In the music you play?
Illustration of human figure walking up the steps  with the words "WHAT NEXT?" written in the landing of the staircase.
So you're thinking about taking your career in a new direction! If you’ve got a new route in mind, here’s everything you need to know before taking the leap into your new professional life.
Diverse group of English skills students sitting around a desk and having a group discussion
Language is everywhere. We exist in it and of course in the UK we exist mainly in English. Our practical task-based approach to learning means that you will also develop the most in-demand common skil...

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