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Charlotte Keith on acting courses at City Lit

Story added 20th Dec 2017

Charlotte Keith

We recently caught up with Charlotte Keith, who has studied on several acting courses at City Lit, to find out more about her experiences of acting training and performing.

Charlotte Keith - Q&A


Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Charlotte Keith, my main job has always been acting/musical theatre but in between I have worked in theatres doing jobs from bar work to theatre supervisor.

What courses have you studied or are studying?

My first one was Improvisation, I had become more and more nervous about performing and had a bad experience with a director. Improv is always a good way to break that barrier, no matter what job you do and I just wanted to have fun with acting again. Since then I’ve taken classes in screen acting,  Shakespeare and script work, all for confidence and because they are affordable ways to keep skills up. They are also a way of ensuring that you have something creative to look forward to each week. It keeps you sane!

How did you first hear about City Lit?

My friend that I was working with at the time was having a great time doing Improvisation classes with Mark Phoenix, he thought I would gain confidence from him… which I did.

What are your tutors and teaching like?

They have all been incredibly supportive throughout and great at creating a caring and creative environment that includes all abilities and backgrounds. I’ve learnt a lot from each and they have helped support my career, with quite a few making career opportunities happen for me. I have loved, so much, the diversity of city lit. I have made friends I never thought I would have. Everyone works together, and I have never felt judged.

Have you met any inspirational people here?

Yes! Karen Cogan, one of the Shakespeare teachers gave me so many inspirational lessons that made me rethink how I think about myself and filled me with confidence. Mark Phoenix and Gary Grant have both created so many opportunities for themselves in the industry. There is also at least 3 stories of fellow students that they have shared, about there lives, that will stick with me forever.

Does coming to City Lit have a positive impact on your mental or physical wellbeing?

100%. I gained a lot of confidence, I was ready to give acting up because I felt terrible and this made acting fun again.

Has your course(s) helped you reach your career goals?

I trained in musical theatre, were acting comes second. City Lit has helped solidify that acting is the thing I am most passionate about and gave me the confidence to apply for further training at drama schools.

What’s the single best thing about the course(s)?

The teachers. All the classes I have gone to have had people who are still active and working within the industry, which is essential for such a quick changing career.

Did you have any reservations about moving into acting/making this step?

You always have doubts that you are not good enough, acting is so subjective. I’m not sure any actor gets over that.

What’s your biggest practical acting tip for someone thinking of signing up?

Learn your lines and turn up on time! That’s the hard bit. If you know your lines you can play around and be open to anything.

What would be your dream role?

I would love to be a part of an all-female Shakespeare company. I have learnt a lot watching the dynamics of all male and all female productions and I think it can be so interesting and rewarding, how the characters status changes in that situation.

Who were your biggest acting influences prior to signing up to a course?

I love Phoebe Waller-Bridge, what she has done for her own career in terms of writing those parts that she felt should be shown and represented. Also, who doesn’t love Judi Dench? She is a wonderful actress I can’t fault her, she is so giving.

Is there any particular film/production/venue that you aspire/aspired to appear in?

The Globe! As you can tell by now I love Shakespeare. I think the idea of seeing the audience and being able to change the soliloquy every night for that audience is fantastic. It’s also a big test of vocal and physical skill. It’s a huge challenge.

If you could act alongside one actor living or dead who would it be?

Oooooo, Mark Rylance. For me he transforms into each role, I think that would be amazing to see in a rehearsal process. I think you could learn so much from him.

What do you think makes a great actor?

Listening, giving and being playful. I feel like knowing that you can learn a lot from trying and failing is also key, you can’t be afraid of failing.

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