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'Legends Calling' a new installation by Louisa Smurthwaite

Story added 7th Sep 2020

Legends Calling, Wembley Park


‘Legends Calling’, one of 14 installations that make up Wembley Park’s new Art Trail is created by renowned artist, lighting designer and Foundation Art & Design student Louisa Smurthwaite. The work comprises three iconic (K6) red telephone boxes honouring Brent celebrities George Michael, Twiggy, Arthur Wint, Amy Johnson and Jeyaben Desai.


Lou tells us a bit more about the installation:

"The brief started with the phone boxes, how would you fill them? It was pretty open… It was the early stages of lockdown when I started thinking about the phoneboxes… the inclosed space resonated with me, and I was doing a lot of staring out the window. Staring into a thought infinity - I wanted to convey a sense of never ending in the small space. You were looking into a phone box, which end 2ft in front of you, but what if it didn’t? It felt a bit 'Doctor Who'. I started looking into the location the boxes were to be situated and from there, researched local stories. I picked ones that I found inspiring, ones that taught me about people or actions I hadn’t previously known. It made me want to shine a light on the stories, and I wanted other people to be be sparked by them, and for them to investigate too. I like that ‘unknowns’ stand next to celebrities, it hope it makes people wonder."

City Lit Foundation Art & Design course:

"I finished the Foundation Art & Design course this summer. It made a huge difference to my work. I made me break out of always trying to problem solve a design and made me way more inquisitive to other influences a subject matter may have. It made me get back to pen and paper, start from the beginning again, which I had forgotten to do over the years. The tutors were great guidance, they let you make your own mistakes. It was all a bit of a strange end to the course due to COVID, but a few months down the line I can feel the things I learnt over the year making positives practices."

‘Legends Calling’ is on until January 2021.